The Orville, S2.12: “Sanctuary” tackles gender inequality

An exploratory ship from Earth faces intergalactic challenges 400 years in the future.

Tony Todd is the voice of Moclan intolerance in “Sanctuary”; a metaphor for US dependence upon alliances with less-than-open minded nations.

““Sanctuary” is part of an ongoing arc about Moclan intolerance that began back in S1’s “About a Girl” and has been continued in other episodes such as “Primal Urges” and “Deflectors.” The latest hits a boiling point in the difficulties of reconciling that intolerance within the Planetary Union’s mission statement of inclusivity… a clearer commentary on current American life is hard to find, however metaphorically veiled. Once again, this increasingly must-see TV series continues tackling the kinds of issues that a current Star Trek series should be dealing with, but curiously isn’t. Yes, “The Orville” is very derivative of Star Trek; Seth MacFarlane admits as much… but more importantly, “The Orville” eschews much of the self-reverence that permeates modern Star Trek, and gets back to the business of telling the kinds of stories that Star Trek has always done best. Here’s hoping its voyages, with their delightful combination of social commentary and humor, continue at quantum speed.” – Source :

Perfekte videospill for å trene hjemme trenbolone enanthate 10 grunner til at du ikke kan få flat mage til tross for at du prøver.

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