Scream TV series: Endgame

As suspicions sharpen and loyalties fray, the Deadfast Club desperately searches for the man behind Ghostface’s mask…only to be disturbed by what they find. Ghostface’s deadly game draws to an end!

On the night of the big game, Deion is convinced that it’s not worth playing when a killer is on the loose. With the police looking for JamalKym and Liv convince him to get what he dreams of doing. Motivated, he returns to the team just in time.

Meanwhile, Ghostface keeps a wounded Jamal in an unknown location. While on their way to the game, Beth and Kym receive a video of Ghostface showing Jamal injured and that Deion must go alone to “Earl’s house,” a truck which Earl drives with the name. Kym creates a distraction and Beth invades the game to show the video to Liv, who tells Deion during the interval of the game.

Deion comes to the conclusion that Ghostface wants him because, on the night of Marcus’s death, they both changed their fantasies and Deion, in Marcus‘s clothes, was the one who died that night. So Marcus had always been Deion since then because no one recognized him, not even Sherry, his mother.

Soon after the revelation, Marcus steals a school bus and arrives at the place where Jamal is, and takes him away. But out there, Jamal reveals that he’s really Ghostface, having taken the mantle because their father chose Deion’s mother and Marcus instead of Jamal’s mother, and that made Marcus have the perfect life.

He also reveals that he has a girl accomplice and that she “will end it all,” but he dies from the wounds before he reveals who she is. Liv and Beth invade the school where Marcus arrives shortly after. The two girls are accusing themselves of being Ghostface, but before Marcus calls the police, Beth shoots his cell phone and hitting his hip with the bullet, revealing herself as the accomplice of Jamal. They met at her tattoo studio, and shortly after he told her story, Beth had realized that she wanted to be the protagonist of her own horror story. With Marcus wounded, Liv rushes through the school to save herself and with Beth in her chase dressed as Ghostface, pursues her with a gun, and soon after with an ax. The confrontation reaches the roof of the school, where Marcus distracted Beth and Liv pushed her from the rooftop into a glass ceiling of the gym.

Kym arrives soon after armed, and shoots Beth fatally. A few months later, Kym and Hawkins went to college together. Marcus (still using his original name Deion, implying that Beth’s theory is fake) attends San Diego University with Sherry and Liv accompanying him, where they enjoy life without fear or worrying about Ghostface and Liv come to the conclusion that they should not tell the truth about the exchange of twins. At the same time, Deion receives an anonymous call but decides to ignore it.


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