Tony Todd receives life time achievement award

Tony Todd recently received a Life Time Achievement Award hosted by New York City Horror film Festival 2018. Tony is the first African-American to receive the award and is ranked one of the fan favorites such as Wes Craven and Robert Englund.

Tony comes from a background of traditional theatre. He is known for outstanding performances on stage and on the large screen. Platoon is one of his earlier film successes celebrated by different generations. He was also in tv roles such as Star Trek, X Files, Hercules. He is perhaps most remembered for his role in The Candy Man, and more recently the voice actor for Zoom in the Flash. Tony is an incredible voice actor and passionate about celebrating the artistry of life itself.

Tony loves meeting his fans at comic cons around the world and at film premieres to.

He also cares for his community and does social work to inspire others to shine their light in all that they do.

Tony Todd is a living legend among actors. We thank him for his contribution to movies that we all love and relate to on a personal level.

Check out the follow photos from the Award ceremony:

Photo credit: Geeks of Doom. Check them out here:
Photo credit: Geeks of Doom.

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