Tony Todd interview on Focus and autism awareness at Fanx

Thank you Tony Todd for representing Focus and autism awareness at FanX.

Tony is an inspiration for us all. Thank you Tony, for using his voice for social good; by sharing his life experiences and words of wisdom with kids and adults in Salt Lake City.

In this interview, Tony shares his story about why autism awareness and acceptance is important to him.

Tony explains in this interview, that he had an older brother called Donald on the spectrum. Back in those days, society did not understand the condition, and had an ugly word called ‘mentally retarded’. It is painful for anyone to see someone they care about, be labelled in a negative way. Tony shares his wisdom in life with the general public:

If you have somebody in your family, or someone close to you who maybe marginalized or outcast, do everything you can to pull them closer. Identify their special abilities, everyone has something special they can do, whether it is drawing something in a comic book, being a voice over person or actor, whether it is learning to read or write, whether it is performing, or going around making people smile. Making people feel happy, and secure about their situation in life…. Treat people the way you want to be treated and the world will be a much better place. Support Focus comic. You can find me on Twitter at Tonytodd54. God Bless Everybody. Remember. You are a star.” (Quote: Interview with Tony Todd at Fanx Spr 19)

Tony’s support for the Focus comic project, comes from the heart. He genuinely cares about the cause and believes this social cause project will continue to transform lives on a global scale.

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