Tony Todd Fan interview 11 at Fan X

Tony Todd had an amazing time at Fan X comic con meeting his fans and supporting Focus comic which features an autistic super hero, art by pros, including art by interns with autism. Tony is the voice of Focus, and appears in the comic as a character called Thato.

Focus comic had a successful community outreach event at FanX Comic Con Salt Lake City. FanX is one of the biggest comic cons in the USA.

Representing Focus was goodwill ambassador Tony Todd, Creator and Artist Yvonne Wan and Main artist and internship coach Douglas Hebert.

Here is an interview with Cameron who is a Tony Todd fan. Check out his story about meeting Tony at Fan X, and his thoughts on Focus.

Yvonne WanDouglas Hebert and Tony Todd were available in person for the full weekend in Salt Lake City to discuss the project and the issue of autism awareness at depth with the general public. Public engagement is an effective way to raise autism awareness and acceptance.

Thank you to everyone for showing their support, including Tony Todd fans, Comic Fans, the press and media, FanX staff and supporters of the cause.

Thank you Dan Farr and Brian Brandenburg for providing a platform for us to promote Focus comic and autism awareness during autism awareness month. We appreciate their hospitality and support.

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