Tony Todd to attend Fan X Comic con in Utah

Tony Todd will be attending Fan X Comic Con in Salt Lake City Utah between April 19 and 20 2019 with Focus comic.

Celebrities including Val Kilmer; Paul Bettany; Tom Ellis; Clark Gregg and Billie Piper will also be attending the popular event this year.

Tony Todd is the Goodwill ambassador For Focus comic. Focus comic Features an autistic super hero and is part of a social cause project. Tony Todd is the official voice of Focus, and appears in the comic as a character called Thato. Tony will be at the Focus comic booth for both days in support of Focus and autism awareness. Come on down if you would like to meet him.

Also attending the event is Yvonne Wan, the creator, writer and contributing artist of Focus. She is a certified social cultural anthropologist and autism awareness and acceptance advocate.

Douglas Hebert, the main artist and internship coach for Focus will also attend the event along side Tabidi Elkhalil. Tabidi is a Focus comic intern with autism and is one of the worlds first published comic book artists as a result of the Focus social cause initiative. 

Focus comic will be having a panel at Fan X comic con on the Sunday with Tony Todd; Yvonne Wan; Douglas Hebert and Tabidi Elkhalil as guest speakers. 

Focus is a unique action adventure horror comic suitable for all ages. It features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes in the book and it features autistic creative talent on the team. The book comprises of one story and a community page. The book features body work from a community of artists:

  • Yvonne Wan who is an award winning artist and have worked for Cartoon Network; Saatchi and Saatchi and Ogilvy and Mather.
  • Douglas Hebert, award winning artist, Focus internship coach and certified elementary art school teacher.  He is also a respected board member of the Arizona Artist Guild.
  • Tabidi Elkhalil, Autistic intern and now professional artist.
  • Francisco Javier Rodriguez who is known for his work on Ecos and Horror.
  • Jenn Corella who is known for her work on IDWs Woman Thology; Markosia Publishing and Living Dead Press

Contributing colorists:

  • Legendary Paul Mounts who is famous for working on Spider Man , Fantastic Four and Ultimates.
  • Luis Guerrero, who is a colorist for DC comics (EG: The Flash); Titan Comics and Vertigo
  • Jim Boswell, who is known for working on Judge Dredd 2000AD; Starship Troopers for Markosia; KiCK! Football magazine and Project Luna: 1947 for Markosia.
  • Ashler Bate, who is known for working on indie comics and satire.
  • Sarah Christina who is known for working on Tomb Raider.
  • Kevin De Castro who is known for working on GI Joe, Scarlett Strike Force and Moon Streak.
  • Steve Canon who is known for working on Sissonne; Last Judgement and super heroes.
  • Ilaria Mercoledi Castagna who is known for working on fantasy, action and humor.

Interns with autism: Tabidi Elkhalil and Malekith George.

Please book your tickets to the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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