Tony Todd is the Official Brand Ambassador for Focus Comic


Tony Todd, renowned Holly wood actor is now the official brand ambassador of Focus Comic and will also be the voice of Focus. He is also appearing within the comic as Thato. Tony is famous for his role in many movies such as Star Trek, The Candy Man, Platoon and The Flash.

Tony Todd loves the idea of a comic book featuring an autistic super hero and loves the social work we are doing and would love to help us advocate for greater autism awareness acceptance through our comic and community work. Tony has a big heart for autism awareness.

In an exclusive interview with Focus Comic, Tony Todd said: “Focus the comic book, is worth supporting because so many people need new heroes. Making the titular character, someone who’s struggling with social norms. And one who finds clarity while called to duty, is empowering. So many children struggling with autism find power and serenity in either drawing, or playing with crystal clear colors. Focus hopefully, will not only provide a hero worth cheering for, but a hero for the unspoken, on all platforms, for years to come. Focus”

Celebrities who support Focus Comic & Autism Awareness include Tony Todd; Jesse Kove, Brian Dodds, Ming Chen, Lisa Marie Varon, Randy Rogel, Gail Kim, Jed Rees and Kevin McNally.

We currently have 2 interns as part of our Focus comic autism awareness campaign. Malekith, is 12 and is our youngest Autistic intern.  Tabidi  is our oldest autistic intern at 21 years of age. Douglas Hebert,  (a certified art teacher) and Yvonne Wan (Sole creator of Focus, and certified social cultural anthropologist) are responsible for the interns coaching so they can fulfill their  creative potential. The interns will have their work published within the community page of the comic.


Focus comic is unique as it is created by a certified social cultural anthropologist who studies autistic families and have the professional expertise to challenge the stigma associated with autism on an international level. Yvonne Wan has over 18 years industry experience having worked for top advertising agencies and have consulted for the British government on social projects. She is also an award winning artist and certified broadcast film ethnographer. Yvonne is committed to attending community out reach events to raise autism awareness and unite communities on this issue. This campaign has already touched many lives of autistic individuals globally, and is a symbol of hope to autistic kids and families out there. One should not be limited by what people want and can achieve in life. Autistic individuals are valuable contributors in society. No child should be marginalized and no family should have to watch their child be rejected by society. Its important we challenge the misconceptions about autism and cultivate positive social change for greater autism acceptance.

Many thanks to the supporting contributing artists and colorists and interpreters and supporters of this important social cause campaign. We will release more information about our contributors in future posts.

We will release more information about the other characters in the comic soon.

Please pre-order the comic at and donate funds should your heart lead you to.

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