Focus Comic – Autism Awareness Community out reach event

Yvonne Wan, Certified Social Cultural Anthropologist and Co-Creator of Focus Comic met with families and the general public at Tucson Comicon 2017.

Focus is one of the first autistic super heroes in the format of a comic. Tony Todd plays the voice of Focus in a promo animation film that was recently screened at Tucson Comicon.

Yvonne conducted ethnographic interviews from the general public and families affected by autism. The public shared their thoughts about the importance of autism awareness and the significance of an autistic super hero. Focus is not just a comic, it is a social cause campaign where the autistic community will be given a stronger voice in mass media.

This comic is unique in that it is created by a social cultural anthropologist who cares deeply about autism awareness and has the professional expertise to challenge the stigma associated with autism. We have a team of advocates who will endeavor to make an impact on many lives within our community through this social cause comic project.

Feel free to pre order the comic at to pre order the comic.

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